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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2022 4:32 am 
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Mossie NF.II vs Ju 88G-6 Nachtjager

A quick two frame series before the holiday break. There are some challenges with how the Warbirds graphics engine deals with night/darkness, so I will be introducing some cloud layers and reduced icon/otto settings to make things a bit more interesting.

Arena is open for practice until 1600hrs EST on Sunday. AI bomber routines will be running.

North Sea Terrain Set-up.

Time - Midnight
Weather - "Thick" stratus cloud between 6000-7500 feet.
Radar - 40 miles, min alt 200 ft
Icons - No range icons. Friendly and enemy ID at D3 (1500ft).
Mouse ID click range - reduced to D3 (1500ft)
Otto acquire range reduced to D5 (1500ft)
Otto fire range reduced to D4 (1200ft)
Flak - Max alt 15000 ft
Min Fuel - 50% all aircraft

Objectives are to shoot down enemy aircraft as well as destroy specific ground targets.
Axis ground target is all three radar towers at F67
Allied ground target is the Gestapo headquarters at F96

Each enemy AI bomber shot down plus 1 VP
Each friendly AI bomber accidentally shot down minus 1 VP
Each player aircraft lost (kill/crash/ditch/bail/etc) plus 2 VP for the other side
Destruction of all three radar towers at F67 or Gestapo HQ at F96 - plus 5 VPs

Player Aircraft
Mosquito NF II at F26, F27 and F29
Lancaster I at F29 (no AI wingmen)
Ju 88G-6 at F82 and F83 (CAUTION - F81 flight ops are disabled as there are serious "sticky grass" problems.)
He 111H-16 at F83 (no AI wingmen)

AI Both sides will have several solo AI bomber aircraft (Lancaster I and He 111H-16) flying on random tracks between Europe and the UK.
The AI will be trying to use the cloud layer as cover.
Axis AI will be attacking targets at F50 and Allied AI will be attacking targets at F87

Initial side assignments for Frame 1
Gold/Allied - 4th FG, 23rd (~7 total)
Green/Axis - 352nd, okdoc, RCAF (~7 total)
Hoping for higher turnouts, additional players are welcome to join!

Any questions, fire away.

Sqn Ldr
past-CO 417 Sqn RCAF
"Supporting Liberty and Justice"
Muzz's Maps

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