18 years of S3s 1998-2016

The Squad Select Series is a player organized event in WarBirds that simulates the large-scale battles fought between opposing Air Forces during The Second World War. Fast and furious since 1998 the S3s are one of the internets oldest and longest running multi-player events with detailed planning and intense periods of combat. Everything is based upon the squad, flying realistically and playing with honor. Players have thousands of hours of online combat and are some of the most experienced and deadly virtual pilots out there. Awards and cumulative scoring allow each player to track their career and squad exploits over the years.

For those wanting more than a silly furball at a thousand feet join the S3s and fly a combat mission in WW2. All squads are welcome and lone wolves can post on our forum to find a squad to fly with. New pilots register on our forum and post your name here and many squads will approach you and help you get the most out of your online experience.

For our 18th season, the S3s are back with five events highlighting the revamp of most of the aircraft FMs as well as a couple new planes in the mix.

Check out these retro screenshots from years past - 5DJ, FACS, FP, OMH, TFB, TV

S3#103 – March On London - Winter 1940

The Germans are coming. With their success against RAF airfields they have just managed to land enough troops to take Dover and its surrounding airfields. But winter is coming and both sides are trying hard to push back the air defenses so army reserves can be brought forward. Churchill and Hitler have both demanded their forces break the stalemate before the storms begin in earnest. The latest fighters have been rushed to the embattled airfields and history is about to be re-written.

This series will highlight the two best BOB fighters, the Spitfire II and Bf109E4 Aa. Ground attack missions will feature the Hurricane IIB and Bf110C4. New wings for all aircraft will change the way they handle especially at low speeds near the stall point.

This event features the Blitz terrain and starts Mar 5th in the S3 Arena at 8:30PM Eastern/5:30 PM Pacific. Available squads and their Squad Roles.

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