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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2022 2:30 pm 
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A bit late getting this up. Giving no 23rd FG participation in Frame 1, and high green team numbers that frame, I moved the 23rd to the Gold Team.

Green team (Allied Frame 1 and 2) - 6 pilots
352nd - juice=, =wilz=, redsgt, noflyz, vokker, crhtwo
No Squad - okdoc-
26 individual sorties: 20 in F4F-4 and 5 in SBD-5

Gold Team (Axis Frame 1 and 2) - 10 pilots, only 9 flew
4thFG - jedijc, pcalex. WLDBIL remained in the tower.
RCAF - muzz--, yukone, deak-
23rd FG - grmpy-, -splt-, slpsht
Grim Reapers - hasbro (aka Damp Sock) flew as a guest of the 4th
33 individual sorties: 24 in Bf109F-4, 8 in Fw190A-2, 1 in Ju88A-4

NB: jedijc and -deak- were the authorized 190 pilots (20% of 10 players) for Gold Team. During the frame pcalex also flew one sortie in the 190. I was not aware of this. He crashed without scoring any kills or assists. In frames 3 and 4 Green Team is asked to limit use of 190 to 20% of players (i.e. 1-8 players, 1 may fly the 190 for the frame, 9 or more players, 2 may fly the 190).

As per frame 1, frame 2 saw a lot of air-to-air action. Two Green pilots managed to fight their SBDs into Port 167. Five ground structures were damaged, but none destroyed. Once free of their bombs, the SBDs proved to be highly maneuverable and made extremely difficult targets, especially when supported by the F4F-4s. In a running battle, Axis fighters followed the Allied strike group back to the USS Ranger. A reconnaissance Ju 88 was guided to the area and was able to report the location of the Ranger to LW HQ before it was shot down. Late in the frame an attack was made against Port 198, but as stated in the rules this was not a valid target.


Team Green - Allied
Kills - 7
F4F-4s shot down: 1 Ju88A-4 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, 5 Bf109F-4, and 1 Fw190A-2
Targets Destroyed
Losses - 6 + 4 AI
F4F-4: 6 to enemy fighters
SBD-5: 4 AI to enemy fighters

Victory Points Scored

Team Gold - Axis
Kills - 6
Fw190A-2 shot down: 4 F4F-4 and 2 SDB-5 AIs
Bf109F-4: 2 F4F-4 and 2 SBD-5 AIs
Fw190A-2: 1 to enemy fighters and 1 to a flight mishap
Bf109F-4: 5 to enemy fighters, 1 to a flight mishap
Ju88A-4: 1 to enemy fighters
Victory Points Scored
5 Pts for Maritime recce aircraft locating and successfully reporting the position of USS Ranger before being shot down.

After two frames Team Gold has the lead with 10 VPs and Team Green has 7 VPs.

Green and Gold Teams switch sides, with Green flying Axis and Gold flying Allied.
Same plane set as Frame 1 with Allied flying F4F-4s and the tubby TBF-1.
See: RITA Rules
Gold team CO to advise CM desired position/course for CV Gp.

Side assignments for non-affiliated pilots are subject to change, depending on player turnout. Will try to get sides evened out a bit, but low numbers makes this challenging.

S3 Arena open for practice until 1600hrs EST, Sunday 13 Nov.

Sqn Ldr
past-CO 417 Sqn RCAF
"Supporting Liberty and Justice"
Muzz's Maps

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