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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 6:23 pm 
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Please see Coolon's write-up in the "S3 #128 Operation Crossbow results" thread.

V-1 speed was reported as slow, around 350 IAS. MBLs were set to run at 400 mph, so I can only assume the slow speeds were related to the porpoising behaviour. I failed to catch this in my pre-frame AI tests. This gave the RAF more of a speed advantage than they would have had historically.

LW fighters caused the RAF some concerns near the coast, but they were unable to interfere with the Diver patrols closer to London.

The numbers

9 unique pilots, plus 2 who did not fly (and forgot to go on the rwy to get in the log), 39 sorties
27 Tempest V
12 Spit XIVe

5 unique pilots, 11 sorties
4 Fw190A-4
4 Fw190A-8
3 Bf109G-14ASM

LOSSES and Kills

2 Tempests lost for 1 Fw190A-8 and 1 BF109G-14 kills, 12 V-1s destroyed
1 Spit XIVe lost for 2 Fw190A4 and 1 Fw190A8 kills, 4 V-1s destroyed

4 FW190A-4 lost for 1 Spit XIVe kill
1 Fw190A-8 lost for 1 Tempest kill

RAF destroyed all of the V-1s launched and London was spared any damage on the opening day of Operation Eisbär. Frame 5 declared a RAF victory.

Frame 1 LW victory
Frame 2 LW victory
Frame 3 LW victory
Frame 4 RAF victory
Frame 5 RAF victory

Over the series the mighty Tempest was credited with 15 kills, but 20 airframes were lost.
RAF was able to achieve its strategic objective of stopping the V-1 menace in Frame 5, but did so at a huge cost in bombers and fighters lost. The S6 will likely reveal some interesting statistics.
Series declared a draw.

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