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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2024 8:25 pm 
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Another simple CV vs CV battle. Objective is to sink enemy CVs while not losing too many aircraft. Points are scored for shooting down enemy aircraft, sinking DDs and CVs. Side with the most points at the end of the frame wins.
N.B. - Midway Island is NOT a valid target.

Player Lives. Each player has three lives for the frame. A life is lost for any aircraft exit from a PK, crash, ditch, bail, DISCO with Damage. Life resets will be considered for controller malfunctions on take-off.
Both the standard and bomber logins will be available.

Midway Terrain. 20sm grid.
IJN is red. RN is green. Set-up is a bit tighter than in MM#1. Ships will be located in their respective operating boxes. See map below. Recommend use of inflight map available at midway.dds. Backup the midway.dds file in your Warbirds root directory, then download and copy the file at link into your Warbirds root directory.
Arena login will initially force players to purple at field F1 on Midway Island.
Players should type the .ros command in the text buffer to determine side balancing. From there players can select RED or GREEN as their country.
Players should not switch countries after selection RED or GREEN unless told to do so by the arena CM (buffer message in BLUE text)

Arena set-up:
Weather - clear
Time - 1200hrs
Radar (tower view only) - 30 miles, min alt 300 feet
Flack - max alt 15,000 ft
Wingman Strike Range - set to 10,000 ft
Bomber AI wingmen - maximum three

AI routines
Each side will have one group of ships to protect. Each group will consist of 4 CVs and 4 DDs. Ships will be moving at 20mph and will maneuver to stay within their ops box.

Plane Set
IJN - A6M5, Kate, Val
RN - Seafire III, TBM-3
No restrictions on payloads or to number of flights per aircraft type.

1 VP for each player aircraft shot down.
5 VPs for each DD sunk
10 VPs for each CV sunk.
Team with the highest total of VPs after the end of the frame wins.

The arena will be open for practice from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday noon.

Any questions/comments are welcome and may be addressed to the undersigned.
Good Luck!

Sqn Ldr
past-CO 417 Sqn RCAF
"Supporting Liberty and Justice"
Muzz's Maps

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