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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2023 7:36 pm 
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With the landing forces already struggling their way ashore, the Allied fighters flew a number of high altitude probes towards occupied France. The LW attempted to intercept these probes, but the Allied fighters were at higher altitudes. A game of cat and mouse developed with Allied aircraft trying to sneak in to attack targets and the Axis aircraft trying to stop them. While the Allies were generally able to hit targets before being intercepted, post attack they suffered significant losses. Amazingly, the Axis only lost 1 aircraft to enemy action and were able to bring down 6 Allied fighters and five of the lumbering C-47s. This did not stop the Allies from capturing field P-46.

Team Gold (Allied)
8 pilots: WLDBIL, bombr-, coolon-,jedijc, muzz--, grmpy-, -splt-. Guest player cdtfab flew multiple sorties in the Bf-109G6, losing three airframes in t/o accidents.
Fw 190A-4, 24 sorties: shot down 3 P-47D, 1 P-51B, 2 C-47: 3 aircraft lost
Fw 190A-8, 7 sorties: shot down 1 P-47D, 1 P-51B: no losses
Bf 109G-6, 14 sorties: shot down 3 C-47
Bf 109G-6/RVI, no sorties.

Team Green (Allied)
6 pilots: juice=, =wilz=, redsgt, vokker, -guns-, okdoc-
P-47D, 11 sorties: no kills, destroyed 71 ground objects; 4 aircraft lost
P-51B, 7 sorties: no kills, destroyed 1 grnd object: 3 aircraft lost.
Spit IXe, 4 sorties: 1 Fw 190A-4 shot down: 2 aircraft lost.
C-47, 2 sorties: P-46 captured: 5 aircraft lost

Team Green scores 3 VPs for axis fighter losses and 10 VPs for the capture of P46, for a total of 13 VPs
Team Gold scores 9 VPs for allied fighter losses and 10 VPs for C-47 losses, for a total of 19 VPs.

Next frame for OVERLORD and last frame of the 2022/2023 S3 season starts this Sunday, 18 June at 2030hrs.
Team Green will be flying Axis and Team Gold will be flying Allied.

Updated inflight map HERE. Colours changed from tan to green, and coastlines in the battle area trimmed to better reflect the terrain landmass.

See you in the unfriendly skies.

Sqn Ldr
past-CO 417 Sqn RCAF
"Supporting Liberty and Justice"
Muzz's Maps

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