S3#102 – Kyushu High Noon: SW Japan - July 1945

Game Settings

  • US Players(green) - 40 est
  • Japanese Players(red) - 33 est
  • Icons d24 friendly, d12 range, d6 enemy plane
  • Clouds - light clouds
  • Radar 60 mile radius, grey dots, in-flight arrow. Minimum alt is 300 ft.
  • Flak - AAA limited to 30,000ft in height.
  • US Airfields(green) - Okinawa and CVs
  • Japanese Airfields(red) - Japan
  • Fuel Multipler - set at 1.0 for all planes.
  • Rebuild Time - 300 mins
  • Game Length 180 mins
  • Lives 1 life per frame for fighters, 2 lives for bombers\strike
  • Game Scale - 1 squad = 1 historical unit and 1 frame = 1 set of operations.

Basic Rules

Initial Format - changes after in bold italics.

1. Arena Entry - When you go online you will see two logins to the S3 arena. The regular one is for the fighter interface and the other is for the CA wingman jumping interface. Each pilot should choose the proper login for their a\c type and skill level. Both have advantages and disadvantages for bomber\strike pilots.

  • T+0 - Pre-Dawn(04:00), flight enabled for all aircraft.
  • T+160 - Last surface attacks completed all a/c must disengage ASAP. Torps\bombs must hit before T+160 to be counted.
  • T+180 - Dark(12:00), all squads must be in tower or land in the dark.

2. Pilot Lives - players flying fighters still have one life to live, those that choose to fly bombers\strike have two lives to live during a frame. Only those aircraft indicated on the A/C table qualify for the two lives. Note heavy fighters do not qualify as strike. Using the CA login will give you two lives in the future but for now ask the CM to reset you when you loose one of your lives operationally. A significant change in the S3s but hopefully will allow more fighter pilots fly fighter and give us more bomber\strike aircraft sorties each frame. Without bomber\strike pilots the S3s are just an old-fashioned squad duel.

3. Operational Restrictions - each side may only conduct operations in the area outlined in the game map. Surface attack missions may only be conducted by the Allies West of the indicated operations line. Allied squads may fly east of the line as needed. Japanese squads may base anywhere and attack enemy aircraft as they find them.

4. Ord\Aircraft Restrictions - Japanese aircraft can only carry drop tanks. More Allied aircraft are enabled as the series goes on.

5. Aircraft Minimum Fuel - all aircraft must take at least 100% internal fuel with or without drop tanks.

6. Squad Aircraft - each pilot may fly aircraft listed for their squad on the A/C table. Allied aircraft are limited at the beginning of the series but increase in the later frames to simulate the movement of US aircraft to Okinawa for the invasion of Japan.

7. Squad Basing - squads may base anywhere and replane as needed. CV enabled aircraft(F6F,F4U.TBF) must begin play with the Carrier TF but can replane on land bases as needed.

8. Aircraft drones - every player that uses an eligible bomber\strike a\c in a frame may take up to 3 wingman with their lead aircraft. To do so they must use the bomber\GV login so they can jump between their drones making them more effective and immersive. Furthermore those flying the indicated strike\bomber aircraft can use 2 lives during the frame. All bombers both player flown and AI will have the same damage strength and count the same as regards to points. It is best to keep your AI with you and not have them attack targets as they are prone to get lost and then are easy targets for enemy aircraft. Proper formations need to be flown while using these AI drones. For take-off it is recommended to put your AI in trail as close as possible so they dont wander. After you are airborne the minimum distance between AI is 100 ft. Players need to be aware of their AI when running formations and try and not stack them against each other. Using slightly different altitudes helps in this overlapping. Any formation deemed to be too clustered will be asked to shake out their separation a bit. With lag and such it is difficult but please try and make your formation look as realistic as possible. All bombers and strike aircraft may take drones. Bomber pilots that wish to use the old system simply have to login using the fighter login and select the number of wingmen they want, 0 to 3. Using this system when you die you are finished for the night and cannot jump to your AI wingmen. AI drones do not appear in the log so kills by them or structures destroyed by them cannot be counted by the S6.

9. Improved FMs - new FMs are being developed from last year so it is best to test them out beforehand as they will handle differently than in 2016. The F6F has been reworked and is a different beast than last year.

10. Bomber Hardness - bufftuff will be at 1.0 with normal otto in this event. Bombers continue to be relatively easy to down, especially the AI variety. With two lives for bomber\strike pilots this should help alleviate this ongoing issue.

11. US Carrier TF - the US has a large Carrier Task Force from which they can conduct USN operations. The US frame CO must start this task force in the indicated area and must set it on a single heading at 30 mph for the duration of the frame.

12. IJN Shipping - a few boats, freighters and warships ships will be traveling in the indicated shipping areas and can be attacked for points. Remember only boats can be strafed down, do not waste your ammo on the remainder unless you are trying to destroy their defensive AAA to help aircraft with ord finish them off. All ships will have some type of AAA so do not close to suicidal distances and remember the freighter large hit bubble.

13. Allied AI Bomber Missions - The US frame CO must assign one AI bomber mission each frame to a specific target location. Three routines are USAAF from Okinawa and two are USN from the CV TF. Each is limited to the aircraft that are available in that particular frame. A series of AI routines will be launched during the frame and must be escorted and protected by the Allied forces. Human bombers may join in the attack or pick another target. Start times and altitudes will be indicated to the US frame CO so proper planning may occur. All aircraft in an AI routine are very easy to damage, they do not use the typical damage files of regular aircraft or attached drone aircraft using the CA login.

14. Closed Fields - fields closed during play will remain so for the series.

15. Japanese Missions - the Japanese squads may only engage in air combat and cannot conduct surface attacks. They will get corresponding higher points for AI bombers and general aircraft kills to make up the difference. The Battle for Okinawa is over, the Battle for Japan is about to begin.

16. Safe Ditch - if you run off the field and ditch within 10 miles(52800ft) of the tower the ditch is NOT awarded a kill. It is assumed that aircraft and pilot can be salvaged.

17. Ditch Forced Exit - you have 5 seconds to exit a ditched aircraft. This stops trying to outlast a kill message, drawing ack fire or passing along intel at a nearby field.

18. Penalty Planes - players that commit errors in basic rules and do not attempt to correct the error during play will have a penalty plane assigned to them to conduct a hair-raising mission behind enemy lines. If they survive they can teleport and replane in their regular ride. Examples of penalty plane errors include flying different a/c during a frame, teleporting fields when not allowed by special rules, gunning from ships or flak positions. If a player immediately addresses the error they will not be assigned a penalty plane but always inform the CM so the log entry will be ignored. It is up to each squad to make sure the penalty planes are flown.

  • Axis Penalty Planes - Ki43
  • Allied Penalty Plane - FM2

19. Victory Points - points are awarded for e/a shot down, enemy pilot KIAs\POWs, sinking of shipping and general BDA on target locations. Japanese points are weighted toward aircraft especially bomber kills. Relative points for objects is available in the summary for this event.

20. Victory Conditions - The side with the most VPs at the end of the series wins. BDA, ships sunk, closing fields, planes shot down and pilot losses all score points.

S3 Clarifications - the S3 staff reserves the right to make a ruling on questions or game situations not answered completely or missed by the rules. For further clarification please post on the S3 forum or email Jabo.

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